Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bring a roach to work day?

This is regarding the roach burger that they said was brought into the restaurant by the women who work there. How in the world would you know that? Why would you think a woman that worked there would bring a roach into the establishment? Maybe the roach was already there. I don't understand that comment.

Answer to your dreams

I'm calling in regard to the caller who was calling about the man who was filling out his income tax and was informed that he owed $260 for Obamacare. He didn't know who dreamed that up. Well, I've got a question for him. Why didn't he look at Barack Obama and the democratic party?

Get out of rut and fix a rut

Instead of raising the tax on gasoline, why don't we knock several of these lazy, no-good bums off of welfare that never worked a day in their lives? We could put them to work on these bridges and roads. Let them earn some money for a change.