Thursday, February 26, 2015

Like a good neighbor

During this hard and wet winter weather and this snow, I've seen neighbor helping neighbor everywhere I go. I have some neighbors that just moved here from Cairo, Ill., and came and insisted that they help me get my car out of the driveway. They shoveled the entire driveway. I kept saying no and the mother said that this was a teaching experience for her young son, that this was her duty to show him how to treat others. It's a fine example. There are things we can see in the neighborhood that show that different races can get along, and we are just neighbors helping neighbors. Thank you.

Right to Work for less

I would like to respond to Representative Holly Rehder's editorial in the paper. She talks about how different states have already passed Right to Work laws. Well, Right to Work law should be called Right to Work for Less. All it is is for one-percenters to take our rights away to bargain for better working conditions and wages. Missouri is already rated in the top 10 percent of pro business so I don't think that the Right to Work will help us. Also, the unions provide valuable training to construction and other workers that these other states, especially ones that have the Right to Work, no longer have.