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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Repairs needed

I'd like to know what Sikeston is gonna do about all these streets and sidewalks that need to be repaired because all these old buildings they are tearing down, that's a good idea, but these streets and sidewalks need to be fixed. People are getting hurt on them real bad. They need to build the city up, not destroy it.

Are all requirements same?

I read in the paper that Missouri has a strict requirement for Welfare. That's great for people here in the United States. But does that mean for all races, no matter what color you are? Is this people in Mexico and Africa? You know, the United States is not the only country that we give food stamps to. There are foreign countries that get food stamps from the United States. Are you gonna have the same requirements for them that you have for the poor people here in the United States? How can a person get a job paying no more than minimum wage, bringing home $147 a week afford these $400-$500 rent payments a month? How are you gonna afford a babysitter? And insurance? Think about this. I'd like an answer.