Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Let me speak to an American

This message is to probably everyone that reads SpeakOut. I just got off the phone with Walmart about a question on my bill. I could not understand what the representative was saying. So I asked him if he was from India, where most call centers are, but he said he was from the Philippines. I'm old school. If I buy in the U.S., I want to talk to an American so I hung up. I just quit Walmart. They will not miss me, but I feel good about it. Also, when a customer checks out through that automated checkout, you are putting several people out of a job. I have never used one, and the founder, Sam Walton, would not be happy.

Spray them skeeters

I live over here in Morehouse housing. I wanted to speakout about spraying our town for mosquitoes before they get fully developed. They are eating us up over here in the summertime. If they would go around and fog the ditches while they are still in the egg stage and kill these things and keep working on it, it would help. They wait till they get so bad and then it doesn't do any good. It makes the town horrible to live in. I wish our mayor or aldermen would do something about this, the other towns do. We pay water bills, we pay taxes.