Thursday, June 11, 2015

Don't enable the able

I'm calling in response to the man that lives on a nearby street that is on disability. Sir, you have a business in your home, why would you need a disability check? If anyone knows of someone that is committing Social Security fraud, please call the Social Security fraud hotline at 1-800-269-0271. You can remain anonymous. It's time to take our country back one step at a time.

Little joust on the Prairie

I would like to speakout about the atrocity that has happened to East Prairie. We have a roundabout that you can't get a four-door car through. A boat, motor and trailer, can't get them through. The council members was very, very adamant that they didn't want any big trucks in here. The town is in bad enough shape already without what they've done to the streets. It had a hole in the street on Lincoln Ave. that's been there for 9-10 months that hasn't been fixed. They have other holes that they've started to fix. I don't know what they have the city crew doing, nothing I don't think, because nothing is getting done. There are several things that need to be addressed in East Prairie. They don't have a road grader anymore to gravel alleys. I went to a restaurant over here on one of the one-way alleys and you had to have a seatbelt to stay in your vehicle. They finally graded it and piled it all up in the middle of the road where you can't get down it. You call that grading? I can't foresee the future of East Prairie going anywhere with a bunch of trees planted out and taking up space. We have a pharmacy here on Main Street that has one parking space in front of it. To get close to it, you have to go about 5 or 6 parking spots from it and walk back to it or park in the city park.

Every town has eyesores

I was reading the paper about "Don't ignore the eyesore," in New Madrid. Well, people in Sikeston have some eyesores too. Just go down Branum Street or the street behind that. Those two streets have a lot of abandoned houses and they are a terrible eyesore for that area. I don't know why the city hasn't contacted the owners to make them take care of them, tear them down or give the property to the city.