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Friday, July 24, 2015

Fabulous Fourth

If you missed going to Blodgett on the Fourth of July, you missed a treat. David and Margaret Russell have really been an asset to that community. They have done wonderful things. That town looks pretty. The food up there on the Fourth was free. They had free music, good entertainment and the fireworks were just wonderful. Remember if you missed then come next year and I'm sure you will agree.

Nix on Nikki

This is for Nikki Haley, you black-headed, stringy-haired witch. I hope you are satisfied and it comes back at you and hits you right in the face because that flag wasn't bothering anybody and it hadn't done anything to anybody. Lick the kid that was using the flag but leave the flag alone. You have done too much damage.

Quoting the Bible

This speak out is in reply to "Your day will come" in Wednesday's, July 8, edition of the paper. I just wanted to say that not all LGBT, or gay people, believe that the Confederate flag is a negative issue or do we believe that it is to meant or defines discrimination. Not all of us believe that because we were raised in the South and we know what it represents and what it means. But what we do have a problem with are men and women who are Southern Christians who dislike the ruling by the Supreme Court and prayer in school. The Supreme Court decision was a decision based on human rights. Straight people have the right to marry and always have, gay people should have that right as well. Just the same as any other person. As for prayer in school, that is a child's decision on what religious belief they take in life, not yours, not a school district's, not anyone else's. And the Bible strictly says in the New Testament that the Old Testament was to fall with Christ when he passed on the cross and the New Testament was to rise with him in his resurrection. It says in the New Testament, judge and be judged according to your judgement by my father, your God. You should also know that it says love thy neighbor, nothing else, nothing about homosexuality and to me, in the Old Testament when it says man shall only lie with man, in the Old Testament it says man shall lie with woman. It does. But it says man shall not lie with woman outside of marriage. So therefore could it not mean the same thing? You pick and choose what you want to believe from the Bible and what you spout from your mouth.

Boo on Bruce

This is about Bruce Jenner changing his lifestyle. A year ago at a local university I had a class with a person that changed who they were. It didn't take long for me and the other class members to question that person's mental health.