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Monday, August 10, 2015

Pitched in and helped

We of Sikeston should be proud of the Department of Public Safety, and I'm sure we are. Their efforts in successfully handling the Santie fire were extraordinary. The other agencies that responded are to be commended also, those that were asked and those who responded without being asked. Emergency agencies such as the New Madrid County Sheriff's Office and the Highway Patrol did so without being asked. All the traffic and manpower were going to be a major factor concerning the safety of the public in Sikeston and the surrounding areas. I know the Scott County Sheriff's Office seems to be immune from criticism by the news media. But do they not have to be called out for not responding to this emergency?

Too many issues

I think it so sad all these issues about the Confederate flag. Today as I read this issue that someone had called in "Nix on Nikki" and this ugly thing she said about Nikki Haley. I think this lady needs to rethink in her heart about ugly she sounds in the SpeakOut. It wasn't just her that decided on this, it was other people that decided to take the flag down. I totally agree with the other person about Bruce Jenner who has converted to another sex. I think it's terrible and it's against the Bible. This person will answer to God just like anybody else will. I'm not to judge, but God will. And also, a couple of weeks ago as you just stated, there should not be any foul language. A couple of weeks ago, I don't know whether it was the same lady that called in about the flag, but there were some curse words that were printed in the SpeakOut. I was utterly shocked that you printed it because there were several curse words in it and I was very disappointed when I read it. I am a Christian and I don't believe there should be all these issues going on. Thank you and God bless you and have a good day.

Always has, always will

This is about the gay speakout thing they had in there. I think everybody has some issues with this. I think God did not ask Joseph to have his son, he asked Mary. I think it speaks enough for every Christian. On the Christian side, it is man with woman and that will always be the belief if you are a Christian.