Saturday, August 22, 2015

Report retort

Why is this newspaper covering up drug overdoses and suicides? There must be police reports on these kinds of activities, but you are not publishing the police reports. Why not?

If a suicide or drug overdose is committed in the privacy of one's home, it is not published. If it happens in public, then it's public knowledge. People also die at a young age due to other things besides suicide and overdoses.

Swish or Sweet

I was watching the debate with the candidates. They were talking about the way Donald Trump was talking. But then when they mentioned Hillary Clinton, they didn't say anything about Bill Clinton and his cigar.

Vets were disowned by U.S

The man who put the article in the paper that said Trump couldn't fly a kite, does he not remember how the Vietnam vets were treated when they came back from Vietnam? The whole United States disowned them. They were treated like crap, and he's talking about what Donald Trump said about them. What about the whole United States? They are the ones that done it. Trump hasn't done anything that the whole United States didn't do to the poor soldiers that came back from Vietnam.

Rap is gonna be ripped

I'd like to speakout about the noise ordinance in Sikeston. I guess it's not being enforced or they are getting lax. There's a black SUV that runs around off of Smith Street, Fifth Street, Sixth Street, and I'm getting tired its loud music. It rattles my windows, shakes my floors in my house when it drives by. I know who you are, and I'm getting tired of it. Please stop it. Some people have to work for a living. You don't care. You run around and you don't care. That's the attitude too many people have. Stop it or you're gonna get the dang stereo ripped out.

Couldn't get the job done

I am a Morehouse resident. I've been discriminated against. I've tried to rent a little apartment. I couldn't get it inspected, couldn't get anything done. I want to let the people know, you aren't gonna get by with it. I am one of the best renters anybody could ever have. I pay my rent on time. I'm not like most of the people around here. This is discrimination. Shame, shame, shame on you. Karma is something else. Y'all have a nice sleep.