Friday, August 28, 2015

We can't hear you

I wonder why he haven't heard anything from our great Governor Nixon on what is going on in Ferguson. I think he's just another Obama, that's what he is.

Soften your soles

KFVS-TV just had a reporter talking about kids going back to school. She said kids don't like to break in new shoes. She said using a hairdryer will soften them up. I have a better idea. Have your kids get off their lazy butts, run around the block a couple of times. This will loosen them up and save on your electric bill. When I was in school, I would have loved a new pair of shoes. This world is so upside down in so many ways.

Cane you help me?

If anyone found a walking cane in a shopping cart at Wal-Mart, please call or text 573-380-9731.

The Ingram 500 Speedway

This speakout is concerning over here on North Ingram. We have speeders over here. I've called DPS and they are not even attempting to slow these cars down. We need the police over here to slow these people down. If they need to back their car in my driveway to run radar, I am more than happy to let them. It is out of control. I bet there were some going 80 mph the other night. We need help over here on North Ingram. Police, please come and slow these people down.

It was a man

Friday, Aug. 14, the man that was arrested for striking the juvenile, why did you say it was a woman? That's not right. Is he bi-sexual or what? C'mon people, think about it. I don't think you know what's happening.

Sorry, our mistake. It was a man.

Quit disabling the disabled

I would like to speakout about the use of the handicap places that are all over town. You put out your handicap sticker and try to find a place. There is no place. Everybody has already got them. Can't the police patrol these spots and give these people fines for parking there without being handicapped? I was out this morning and went to two different stores, and both of them had people parked in the handicapped spots. Handicapped people were parked in other places trying to get out of their car.

Working the system

I want to know how someone can divorce their wife, sign up on SSI and Medicaid, and then buy a $26,000 motorcycle, and still live with their wife.