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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Republican way

Mike Jensen, your article in the paper about doing away with Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare and everything else for the poor, I can tell you must be a die-hard Republican because Republicans are for the rich and Democrats are fighting everyone and everything they can for the poor. It's okay to send trillions of dollars overseas in foreign aid. We even sent it to Mexico. And you don't realize, $8.9 billion to Saudi Arabia, $5 billion to Egypt. We got over 3,000 countries that we send foreign aid to, Germany, Canada, England, Africa. That's the Republican way. Let's give money to the rich people and let's take away from the poor.

The Vatican homeless shelter

I heard on the radio today where the Pope wanted everybody to be more compassionate with the homeless, to take in the homeless, take care of them, feed them, clothe them. Why don't he put them up in Italy? Better still, why don't he put camps up in the Vatican and they feed them?

Time to disband the club

How can Sikeston Schools do away with remedial programs when more than half of the students are failing in math and reading? All thanks to this school administration's decision to force Common Core upon us even though Common Core has proven to fail everywhere it has been implemented. Why do long time school board members and this administration think it work any better for our school, when there is already ample evidence that it not working here? If you don't believe that look at what the recent test scores tell us or ask parents who have kids who were straight A students up until they instituted Common Core math here, and now they are D students. This is not right! I think the whole school board except for Heather Drury and Rebecca Steward needs to be voted out and replaced with some commonsense citizens who have a spine and a will to rein in this wrongheaded administration and do what is right for our kids and our community. And it's not new buildings! It's about doing the right thing. Stop this administration forcing our teachers to be mere facilitators of a wacky Common Core agenda. It's time to disband this good ole boys club who don't want to jeopardize their future potential business ties with the school district by holding this superintendent and his administrators accountable.

Time for a change

First Sikeston made the news for being the No. 1 city in Missouri for violent crime. Now that scores are in for last springs standardized tests, Sikeston Public Schools have some of the lowest scores in the state! How can we expect to attract new business and industry with this kind of publicity? Maybe it's time for new leadership for both our city and public schools!

He's still the one

I would like to comment on the Obama charade on Wednesday when the Pope was here with him. Obama and all his family and friends and everything out pulling the charade with the Pope. Do you think maybe now that Obama may be a Catholic Muslim or a Muslim Catholic or is he still just an idiot?