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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thanks for the trim

I would like to say thanks to the city of Sikeston for etching the sidewalk along Ables Road on the south side for the property owners, except for the churches that do a good job. There are property owners who don't trim the sidewalk, and you end up with about half a sidewalk.

Rest this piece, buddy

This is Mr. Know It All, How often do you know that people go out to the Garden of Memories to check on the graves? Do you think we are stupid? We know there is nothing out there but memories. And besides that, I think they can do a little better job. This is the first time in my life since I have been going out there that grass has been thrown on the stones like that. And besides that, I do take a little whisk broom out there and clean my husband's grave off, Mr. Know It All. Maybe they need to have you clean the cemeteries since you seem to know so much.

A great analysis

This is in regard to Mike Jensen's editorial in Sunday, Sept. 27 regarding Pope Francis' visit and his message to America. I could not agree more with what Mike has articulated in that editorial. His observations are 100 percent correct, as well as the facts that he enumerates in his editorial. The message was one that sounded like it came out of a Karl Marx primer rather than a message from the Bible. Thank you, Mike for giving us a great analysis in the contrast of what one would expect from someone who is acclaimed to represent God. It is clear that he represents a man-made philosophy much more than he represents the word of God. Thanks, Mike.