Monday, November 2, 2015

Paid it forward

I was in a store and spent $4.29 over my food stamps. There was a kind African-American gentleman there and he paid for the rest of that. I wanted to say thank you. You were very kind to do that for me. I'm sure God will richly bless you for helping me out. Thank you very much.

Opinions don't make it a fact

This is in response to Leonna Heuring's comments at the end of my SpeakOut message regarding school board meetings. No. 1, I want to point out there was a mistake in the transcribed message. I did not say that the board chairman was ready to counsel Heather. I said he was so ready to pounce on and attack Heather. Leonna's remarks, I point out that she didn't address any of my main concerns. She brought in the fact about all the other board members being caring about children. I did not question that. My point of the message was the lack of respect and the coordinated planned demonizing of Heather and the orchestrated plan they have to discredit her, humiliate her in an effort to try to intimidate her which is not working. Anyone can see that and I think that's newsworthy when you see a public entity board piling on a recently elected board member that garnered the most votes of anyone, I might add. We cannot be there at 4:30. People are working until 5. This board refuses to change their time of meetings so people can attend that work for a living. We need Leonna to speak up for those of us who cannot speak up for ourselves. She backed the board. Everybody's backing the board. Nobody is backing the people and speaking out for the people. That's the point!