Halloween Hulk

Thursday, November 5, 2015

It is November now and that means that the spooks and goblins are gone.

I remember as a young lad living on 220 E. Eckles in Piedmont a few Halloween nights. It was the era of the Incredible Hulk, staring Lou Ferrigno and Bill Bixby. The big, green muscle fighting thugs and villains, and ripping up cars and buildings in the process. As a child we often look for Heroes and role models. My child hood home had a front porch and about 18 steps leading up to the front door, and there was a L-shape roof wrapping around the front end of the house.

I had a thought that I could paint my body green and put on some cut up jeans, and get on the porch roof and as trick or treaters came I would jump up and do an Incredible Hulk yell and flex my arms. Then I got the novel ideal of jumping off the porch roof to the ground landing on my feet scaring the little varmints.

In order to do this, there had to be some thought. Like any 12-year -old child, I looked from the ground to the porch roof, thinking this will be easy. It did not appear to be that high. There was access from my parent's bedroom onto the porch from a window.

So, I was going to make a preliminary jump while mother was at work that way none would be the wiser. I make my way through the window, and then my heart begins to race. I managed to get to the edge of the roof and peered over the edge like a vulture looking for prey. Then, that when I forgot to plan for the two big bushes, one on both sides of the porch steps, and the steps protruded in front more that I had anticipated. When I got the courage to stand up, made things worse, it made things look further away. I was beginning to get nervous and shaky and slowly sat back down and scooted myself back to the window.

You know, it is much easier to get out than to get back in, but I managed without breaking anything.

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