Saturday, November 7, 2015

That's a very berry bad

I'm referring to a shopping trip I made today in Oran. I had purchased some cranberry juice and accidentally left it in my cart outside. When I called over to the store, they said they hadn't seen any cranberry juice. Well, when I went back over there, the cart was still sitting there and the cranberry juice was gone. I hope whoever stole it thinks it was good because I think that is bad. That's very rude to steal someone else's groceries out of a cart. When you don't have the decency to bring it back in the store where that person can come back and get it, that's just bad.

I do care and I said yes

I would like to say I am one of those small, little people that don't matter much anyway according to some. I did vote against the bond issue, however, I voted for the sales tax increase for the city of Sikeston. I do care about this community. I do care about the public schools. I do care about the city of Sikeston. I do appreciated the Public Safety Department, the police officers and the fire departments. I just thought I would express that small, little people have concerns about their community and want to help when they can. I did vote "yes" to increase the sales tax revenue.