Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Super Sonic hospitality

In this age of negative news, it is so refreshing to report something extraordinarily good. For a few years my husband has been very fond of vanilla Cokes at happy hour at Sonic. I ordered tea. One day the manager came out and delivered my order, thanking me for my daily business. He said he recognized my voice and wanted to deliver free drinks to me and personally thank me for my business. I was very impressed. Recently, my husband suffered a fall and subdural hematoma, resulting in 46 days in the hospital and two brain surgeries. Everyone noticed I had not come into the Sonic to order my regular. When I did come in, I ordered one drink. They immediately asked if something was wrong. I told them. They stated they would pray for me, which I appreciated. One day the manager personally came out to tell me how sorry he was and that he would pray for my husband. I was emotionally drained and that meant the world to me. When I finally came in and ordered two drinks, I had my husband with me and the manager came out to tell me how happy he was that he was home. In this day and age, this caring and compassion is almost unheard of - it really touched me and I thought it should be shared. I do business at the south Sonic and will continue because of the caring people.

Coat donation

What organization can you donate winter coats to for adults or children?

The House of Refuge will gladly accept your donation. Call 573-472-3843.