The Giving of Thanks

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Can you believe that Turkey Day is here? The old saying goes, "Time flies, when you are having fun!"

There are time that work is not fun.

What I do know is the City of Portageville does have a lit to be thankful for. As Portageville is a small community and it does not have large main street, nor the hustle and bustle of the big city business districts, what this little town offers makes up for that. It offer smaller businesses, organizations, churches, and schools which have one thing is common, YOU!

You are the one reason that makes this town hop in ways that no other town can.

We need to be Thankful for what we still have, businesses of Main Street and the surrounding areas that bind us together. Like it or not, you have a weekly publication that works hard to promote the town's local businesses, local schools and sports, and YOU, the local people.

We can only do that with you letting us know of events, programs or other events.

Portageville has

* Four Fast Food Chains

* Two Dentist Offices

* 15 Houses of Worship

* Five Financial Institutions

* A Weekly Newspaper

* Two National Discount Stores

* A Major North/South Interstate, I-55

* University of Missouri

* Seven Family Dine-In Restaurants

* Two Medical Clinics

* Two Schools (Public & Catholic)

* Two Motels (US/Locally Owned)

* A County Library

* One New Car Dealership

* A Major North/South Railway, BNSF

* Access to two River Ports

* Fisher Delta Research Center

* TRC Learning Center

Not too shabby for a town over 3200!

The businesses on Main Street are increasing, little by little, non-profit groups that are helping to make a difference with local residents.

How many of you remember with Portageville had two weekly newspapers? For several years, there was the Portageville Missourian and the Portageville Review. Portageville was the only town our size in Missouri that has supported two weekly newspapers.

Most counties in the state have only one weekly where New Madrid County has supported four weeklies. This only proves that Portageville is a good community to have supported two weeklies and a radio station. The four weeklies included the Missourian and Review, the SEMO News in Lilbourn and the New Madrid Weekly Record.

Now more than ever, we encourage you to support your local newspaper. With social media and Facebook, has challenged us to revamp and re-think on ways to make this community newspaper better for You.

We are thankful for the opportunity to continue serving You, our readers, and advertisers. This little local business appreciates it.

May you have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas season!

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