Saturday, November 28, 2015

A bad scene

I'd like to speakout about being abused. I'm 70 and my daughter is 52. We moved in with a family member. We've been verbally abused, not physically, but I have to stay in my bedroom all the time. They are screaming and arguing with me all the time. I'm looking for a place for just me and my daughter. If somebody knows what I can do, I'm scared. I don't feel safe. It's a bad scene. Please, if you know what we can do put it in the paper. This is serious.

Opinions, everybody's got one

I would like to say Mr. Jensen that I would be ashamed of some of the articles that you put in the paper. If I was the editor and in your position, I would not voice my opinion. Therefore, I'm not renewing my paper because of some of the articles that you put in there that are very offensive. So long, Mr. Jensen.