Thursday, February 4, 2016

Do as we say, not as we do

On Jan. 22, KFVS-TV had been telling people not to travel the roads, that they were too bad. Then that night on the 6 p.m. news, their last statement was, "We will continue to travel up and down the interstate to keep you informed on the weather."

Get outta my business

I'd like to speakout against Holly Rehder and Kathy Swan, Republicans representatives in this state, on their misguided efforts on pain medicine. I understand there are problems with pain medication, but you have people standing on the corner in Sikeston and Charleston - I've seen them myself - and they are worried about someone going to a pain management thing? I am in constant pain and can hardly walk. I don't think it is Holly Rehder's or anyone else's *&%$ business how I get my pain medication. If I can't get it from my doctor, I will go to a dealer myself. I've got to have pain medicine and it's none of their business. There's too much government now. Get out of my business and quit ruining my day.

Nothing's free

I'd like for someone to tell me about these TV preachers. They are always going to send you something free to help you with your salvation. And right after they say they are going to send it free they say if you will send $1,000 or whatever. If it's free, why don't they just send it to you? If they are so anxious to get the word of God out, they could do something free for the people instead of wanting a donation. They think everybody can just send a $1,000. That's ridiculous.