Friday, February 12, 2016

Ain't that a howdy-doo

Concerning the topic of the new "Welcome to Sikeston" signs that were awarded to, I believe, a KC firm and paid $25,000 to do so. Was it ever a consideration to offer our local businesses or local artist the opportunity to design the sign and keep the money local? We have several amazing artists that would have loved the opportunity to take on this challenge and have the pride knowing their City recognized them as a valuable citizen and to pay them for their talents. This money could have made a difference in the financial life of someone here, especially a student! This money could have help pay for their college education. Sikeston prides itself with the Depot hosting local artists work, I have seen their work and I do believe any one of them could have designed a sign for the City. Our local artists have the knowledge of Sikeston and have the hometown connection to design the sign with the heartfelt connection a big city firm could not. Hopefully, the City will consider local businesses and citizens the opportunity to contract their talents with any needs that might come up in the future instead of taking the jobs somewhere else.

Paying to breathe

I'm a 68-year-old senior that has to have an oxygen machine ran 24-7. They say the electric rates are going up. I'm trying to find out if there is any kind of allowances made for someone who has to have medical equipment like myself. If there is, who can I contact with to possibly get a discount or assistance of some kind? My income is too high for any kind of assistance, although I do get by on just my Social Security check. Is there any way I can get my electric bill lowered for having to keep this medical machine running seven days a week, 24 hours a day?

The BMU doesn't currently have any programs that provide financial assistance to either low income customers or those with medical conditions. We do have provisions in place to help customers who have sensitivities to a loss of services, but these provisions do not provide assistance with costs. I inquired at a local state office about financial assistance related to electric bills or medical costs. They suggested trying DAEOC, Medicare/Medicaid Part D, or local churches. - Rick Landers, General Manager BMU