Saturday, February 27, 2016

A bandaid on a broken leg

Here's how Jason Smith can help the Noranda workers. Bring up legislation to end the free trade bills. Defund the EPA. Will he do this? No. He's a bought and paid for politician. How is putting a bandaid on what his mentor Jo Ann Emerson voted for helping anybody? And for him to push the right-to-work agenda? All the right-to-work is is that you don't have to join a union. It does not end unions or prevent one from forming. How do you use the plight of the Noranda employees to promote your agenda?Missouri has a crappy business climate. Right-to-work is just political b.s. Holly Rehder won't even talk to union members or constituents. She's another trained politician trained by Jo Ann Emerson. I'm not a Republican or a Democrat, just a liberty-minded citizen of a once great country. Wake up Missouri and see how these people are playing you.

Not a politician

Michael Jensen, you are self-righteous idiot. Who died and left you in charge? Trump's success is not because of Obama's failures. Congress refuses to work with him. If you and your family are ever in dire need of help, you are also going to blame Obama for that? You are nothing but a blowhard, fanatic and a hypocrite. That's a Republican's way of thinking so the shoe fits your profile. A politician you are not. Democrats are for the poor and the working class. Republicans are for the rich and themselves. Maybe someday you will receive a wake up call.