Monday, February 29, 2016

Thanks for the blurb

This call is to thank you for printing the speakout about the lost drone. We appreciate it.

Where were they then?

Where were my federal, state and local officials when me, my brothers and sisters and Essex Wire in Sikeston lost our jobs?

Forgotten Friday

I'm calling in because I called in Friday about the paper being delivered. When I called in the woman said the paperboy was getting ready to deliver. I continued to wait and there was no paper. Friday - no paper showed up. No paper was ever delivered like they said it would be. Then when we got our paper on Saturday, there was no guide for Saturday at all. Just the guide for Sunday.

Our apologies. Friday was a very, very windy day. It's possible that it was delivered and the wind caught it. If ever you don't receive an issue, we can deliver it with the next issue. As far as the TV guide, I just checked section C of the weekend paper, and on Page 8 the Sunday TV guide is on the bottom half of the page.

It's too late, baby

This is about Jason Smith and the other dignitaries that were on the front page about the Noranda lay0ff. Noranda has been hollering about the high price of Ameren electricity for years. Kinda late on that, ain't it?