Thursday, March 3, 2016

Shame on you, HIllary

Well, I see ol' Hillary is at again. She will say and do anything to win an election. She don't care any more about the black people than she does the white people. Her and this president are nothing but racists. I can't vote for a candidate who said Christians and Jews were a bigger threat to her than Isis was. Shame on you, Hillary. At least Bernie Sanders, he's honest. Hillary honey, you can't be trusted. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are my two favorite candidates. Wake up, America. We have this one last chance to make things right. Pray and ask the Lord to lead you to the right person. Our freedom and religious freedom is at stake here. Thank you and God bless.

Change will create a burden

I'm just weighing in on the Main Street issue. Some people think they can get their way with anything if they complain enough. Not so baby, not now and not here. We like Main Street just the way it is. But consider this because I know it never crossed your mind. You would need to put about $2 million to start. The highway department would have to change the names at ever corner. There are about 10 banks on Main Street with thousands of customers to change letterheads, checkbook addresses and ad brochures. Then we have about five churches, and the same goes for them. Somebody has to pay the expense and surely you would not put this burden on them for something you want? Let me give you something else to weigh in on. Why Martin Luther King? He has not had any connection with Sikeston. He was a civil rights leader in Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. We never had a civil rights problem. Our school superintendent, Mr. Tony Statler, and the school board took care of that and we never had a problem. So if we want to rename Main, let's consider people who have a positive impact on Sikeston. Start with Ronald Reagan, who spent two days here in the late '50s, or Jim Nabor/Gomer Pyle who spent four days here with the rodeo, or Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo Road in honor of all the good the Jaycees have done for us. Or even Kenny Rogers who really gave back to us with his help on the CP Center, or local folks like Li'l Man and Norman Lambert for putting us on the map. You see, we could change the name but we have other choices. Martin Luther King never came to Sikeston, not even for one minute..