Thursday, March 10, 2016


The Republicans remind me of a bunch of dogs. They bark and bark at each other. They get so mad that foam comes out of their mouth. They talk over each other and you can't make out what each is saying. The people want to know what they stand for, not run down each other. They turn everybody off. They are racists and dogs.

Help with upholstering

I'm calling in reference to "Got me covered." If you would call me at 573-703-1360, I can help you with the upholstery work.

Keep on telling it like it is

This is in response to "Not a politician." Democrats are for the poor alright. Is that why we have so many homeless people and the illegals are getting to live better than you or I? Obama has tried to destroy our Constitution. Americans need to wake up. Trump is your answer whether you be Democrat or Republican. So Mike, you keep telling it like it is regardless of who disagrees.

What cash to register

The amount of $16.6 million dollars is a lot of money in today's world. That's what state representative Republican Justin Alferman from Hermann, Mo., wants to spend of our taxpayer dollars. This representative would spend this money on his proposed Missouri voter ID law. This money would be spent over a three year period to get proper voter IDs to 225,000 registered voters in Missouri. So why does he want to spend all this money, that's what I want to know. Since 2005, there has not been a proven case of voter fraud in Missouri. Why does he want to put another law on the books? I thought Republicans were for less government. I also thought Republicans wanted to be conservative with our tax dollars. $16.6 million is a huge amount of money. Think of what good things could be done with this amount of money.

Spring clean-up

I was wondering when Sikeston is going to have their spring clean-up.

Residents with Monday and Thursday trash collection will have their spring clean-up opportunities on Monday, March 28 and Thursday, March 31. Those with Tuesday and Friday solid waste pick-up will have their spring clean-up collections on Tuesday, April 5 and Friday, April 8.

Just say NO

I would like to comment on the proposal from a very few people in Sikeston who want to rename Main Street. Can't the City Council, do they not have enough guts to tell these people what an idiotic idea this is and how costly this idea would be? Just look at these people right square in the eyes for once in their lives and just say No. It's that simple. Just say No, it costs too much money.