Friday, March 18, 2016

You smell, you go to jail

Amen, brother. I'm on your side on this marijuana. I wish they would make me the president. Everybody that was under 16 that even smelled like it would go to jail!

Compromise not mandate

Enough is enough! When will commonsense again prevail in this land? Purely from a business sense, why should the business and land owners along Main Street be forced to bear the expense of hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions of dollars to change the name to Martin Luther King just because our City Council is too weak to say NO?! This smacks of a form of eminent domain to appease a few people. We should be willing to honor King, but why not name a city park or a city-owned building or a new business street after King? We should not give into the all-or-nothing mentality of those wanting to dictate how all of the citizens of this city honor King. Our City Council should watch a copy of the 1959 Peter Sellers' movie "The Mouse that Roared" at their next business session. Or they can contact the University of Missouri Board of Curators to find out what the financial impact was for giving in to the threatened Mizzou football boycott. The City Council represents all of the citizens of Sikeston and should look for a compromise with the relatively small group, not a capitulation. If the King supporters are unwilling to compromise, let them raise money to pay for something that they can buy and name after King. It's ironic, because King was a proponent of working together and compromise - not mandates.

Who are they - who, who?

The presidential candidates, do you really know them? Trump, he can take care of New York City. He does not know how to take care of anything else. He knows how to take care of New York City only. He has made his money filing bankruptcy and not paying his bills. Cruz is not an American citizen. He was born in Canada. How can he even run for president. Sanders, he's a Socialist. He wants to tax 75-80 percent of your money to give everything away free for college, housing, food and whatever. Can you live on 25 cents an hour and pay your bills? As far as Rubio, he's a yes man. You need to do some research and find out what's what. Most people don't like Hillary, but she was First Lady for eight years, she was First Lady for the governor in Arkansas, and she's also spent four years as Secretary of State. She knows all the people around the world and has her foot in the door and knows how to handle things. You may not like her, but do the research, she's probably your best bet to get out of the hole.