Saturday, March 19, 2016

Don't look Ethel

This is concerning a speakout, someone - probably a highly educated man - is talking about Donald Trump. He says if Donald Trump gets elected president, his wife could be posing nude in Playboy. Maybe you're not as highly educated as you think you are mister. Playboy no longer has women posing in the nude. They have clothes on. Wake up and shut up. That would be the best.

Unite or divide?

Would changing the name of Main Street create unity or more division?

Stay like it is

I want to speakout about changing the name of Main Street to be Martin Luther King Drive. I think it needs to stay like it is. If they want to name something Martin Luther King Drive, then they need to get one of these brand new streets that they are building and put the name on it. That way they can honor Martin Luther King and at the same time save the city money.

Go west

If they want to name a street after Martin Luther King, let them do it on the west side of town where they can see the sign every time they pass it. Maybe they want to honor and respect Dr. King, maybe we do and maybe we don't. But it shouldn't be forced on us.

Gonna help the teachers?

I see where the governor is giving the Noranda employees $1,000 a month to help out with their bills and medical. Are they gonna give the school teachers at New Madrid County Central $1,000 a month? They all got laid off because Noranda didn't pay their taxes, so they are in just as bad a shape as the employees out there at Noranda. They're without a job too. If Noranda had stayed with Associated Electric, they wouldn't be in the shape they are today.