Monday, April 11, 2016

Free pick up

I'm the lady that picks up garage sale stuff for free. My number has changed. It is now 573-838-4980.

Drive to stay alive

I just saw a man texting with his head down who almost hit him head-on. I think you would have lost. This is a 1994 Ford 150 to your brand new Cadillac. Hold your head up. Wait till you get where you're going and then text. You came very, very close to one of our lives and you ain't worth it. I know you was texting because I saw you when your head came up and your phone went down when you almost hit me head-on. Leave the phone in the seat or in your pocket. You looked like an older man who probably has a wife, kids and grandkids. It ain't worth it. Quit texting and driving.

Political critical

Check Page 5 of the Standard Democrat and see how important these piddly elections, both local and nationally, are to the ones in the obituaries. Have we forgotten, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?" The criticisms, both locally and nationally, are about God's own creations. He must be so sad. Aren't we when someone is critical of our own children?