Saturday, April 16, 2016

Broken promises

If you think Bernie Sanders would be a good president, you are sadly mistaken. He's making speeches with promises he knows he cannot keep. Homeowners taxes would go sky high on their houses. I would love to have free colleges and healthcare because we give money to places like Iraq. They're using our foreign aid and they have free healthcare and free colleges. It don't cost them nothing. It all comes from our money. Bernie Sanders is telling you things he knows you want to hear, but he knows he cannot keep his promises about free college. I'm a Democrat, but I'm not voting for Sanders. I'm voting for Hillary Clinton.

Really gets up in my grill

I would like to speakout about all the rednecks that live on Kate Drive here in Sikeston. All their trashcans sit out front, they have their barbecue grills out front and they have a patio on the side of the house. But they bring their barbecue grills out in the driveway so everybody in the neighborhood can see it. Thank you for letting me speakout and I hope it helps clean up the rednecks.