Saturday, May 7, 2016

Give me 10

I have a comment about changing the picture on the $20 bill. When that is done, the banks or whomever makes change for me, better have a bunch of $10 bills.

Dust in the wind

I have to comment on the massive amount of dust created by South Ridge Estates in the development on Blue Ridge. Any reason in particular they would expose the dirt on such a large area before they are ready to develop it? The damage that dirt is causing to air conditioner units and air filters, and pool filtration systems for all the pools along that road is going to add up. Not to mention the nuisance of dust that constantly settles in my house, on my porch, and in my garage. Anyone else interested in asking them to irrigate this dirt they decided to expose? If so, please call in or contact city council.

Special tax

I noticed in the paper where we were approved money for new signs all around Sikeston, when you got streets that need to be fixed, places that need to be cleaned up, a leaf picker-upper vacuum cleaner that don't work and we need new signs? Am I reading this wrong? Do we really need new signs that bad?

The money for the signs, as stated in the article, came from a special tourism tax that can only be used for tourism and marketing.