Saturday, May 28, 2016


In my opinion, there's two kinds of people in this world, Democrats and Republicans. Democrats are welfare people that don't want to work and want to stay Democrat. Trump is gonna take care of that though. So bye-bye you welfare Democrats.

Rights are wrong

I think it's a sad day when tenants have more rights than the landlords. They are allowed to prostitute and sell drugs out of the houses and not pay their rent. The landlord not only loses money on the rent, but are out money for attorneys to get them out of the house. These are young people we are dealing with. We are losing our society to young people and it's time to get something done. This is our future and it's looking bleak. Landlords, gather together and put a stop to this.

United we stand . . . or sit

To the person who wrote into SpeakOut regarding the bathroom issue, I just want you to know, amen! I am with you, the Republican Party is with you, the Conservative Christians of America, which is embedded in the Republican Party, is with you. These are liberal policies that need to admonished by fair-minded, decent, God-fearing people. We will not stand for these liberal Democratic policies in our schools.