Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Voting for spite

I am a liberal Democrat. I am voting for Trump this time because I am sick and tired of the Trump bashing, sexism, racism, the name calling, the bashing and everything. I am voting for Trump just to spite all the haters that hate Trump. And that's the way it is.

Second is worse than first

When God created this world, it was a wonderful place. Then he destroyed it because of all the wickedness that was going on. This second world is worse than the first one. I've never seen so much lies, so much hate, racists and so many people living in abomination. They are seeing it's okay to be gay, okay to do this and okay to do that. And it's wrong. They tell lies on people all the time. I read it in SpeakOut. Somebody called and said Hillary Clinton stole from the White House. That is nothing but lies and slander. Why don't people get their facts straight before they call and slander somebody when it's not true? These people saying it's okay to be gay, transexual and for men to go into women's bathrooms, it is wrong. It is an abomination. Where are the Christians? We need to speakout and let them know we are living by the Bible. We are serving God, not serving the devil.

Let's make a deal

I go to Cape a lot to the doctor center there, and while we were waiting we found the most wonderful store there. Over four years we've been going there. It's called Simply a Deal and it's by Trees and Trends. They have all kinds of things. The landlord has made them close the store. I wish someone in Sikeston could approach them and get them to bring this business to Sikeston or New Madrid. The things in there were very reasonable. They had a market of uncommon things. There's a lot of things for horses, barrel races, dog leashes and kitchen appliances. We were hoping that Sikeston could get them. It could boost the economy for Sikeston or New Madrid. Cape's lost could be our gain.