Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What's the difference?

We've been reading about this transgender issue for 3 months, starting in North Carolina. No authority has ever defined the difference between a transgender and a transsexual. Is it possible for your column to address the difference between a transgender and a transsexual? I believe it is an operation.

Transgenders are born as one sex but identify as another both emotionally and psychologically. Transsexuals make life changes to modify their body through hormones or sexual reassignment surgery in order to bring their physical appearance in line with their gender identity. The process is called transition and may take several months or many years.

Economy is the issue

Every election, I don't care what year it is, the subjects of gays and abortion always comes up. They just do that to get your mind off other stuff. What we need to be concerned about is the economy. What are they going to do about Social Security? What are they gonna do about Medicaid and Medicare? What are they gonna do to help the people of the United States? We need to be more concerned what they are gonna cut off from the American people. Abortions and gays won't stop until God destroys the world. It's an abomination to be gay or homosexual. You are not even supposed to associate with them.