Saturday, July 9, 2016

Looks can be deceiving

I'm calling in regard to the SpeakOut, "I'm watching you." Just because someone does not look disabled does not mean they're not. My son, he's not 6'6'' or 6'8" and doesn't weigh 225 pounds, but he is 100 percent disabled due to a transplant. To look at him, you would never know it. So looks don't mean they are not entitled to park in the handicapped area.

Economy is the issue

Every election, I don't care what year it is, the subjects of gays and abortion always comes up. They just do that to get your mind off other stuff. What we need to be concerned about is the economy. What are they going to do about Social Security? What are they gonna do about Medicaid and Medicare? What are they gonna do to help the people of the United States? We need to be more concerned what they are gonna cut off from the American people. Abortions and gays won't stop until God destroys the world. It's an abomination to be gay or homosexual. You are not even supposed to associate with them.

Socialism has begun

The Democrat party has turned into a radical Socialist party. They advocate open borders and to allow illegal immigrants to have the same rights as American citizens, including free housing, Medicaid, food stamps, Obamacare, health insurance and a variety of other Welfare programs. They also advocate for the killing of cops. This is the new Democrat party. Socialism has begun.

Americans need guns

The Democrats want to take our guns in a world where radical ISIS Islamic terrorists are killing American citizens because we are infidels to them. They are killing us in our movie theaters, our nightclubs, our restaurants, on our Army bases and everywhere else. With this kind of radical Islamic terrorism in the United States, why in the world would the Democrats want to unarm the American people and keep them from defending their families?