Saturday, August 27, 2016

Here, take our jobs

Go on to your computer and google Twin Falls, Idaho, and read the story about the 5-year-old girl who was raped, molested and urinated on by three Syrian refugees that were brought here by the Obama Administration. It was videotaped, and now they are trying to cover it up. There's no medical records that they will release. They won't release the police reports. This is a cover-up. And the reason they are covering it up is they want these Syrian refugees here to take jobs away from Americans. And an Iraqi veteran couldn't even get a job, but a Syrian refugee got a job. Chobani Yogurt is owned by Islamic terrorists. Ban Chobani Yogurt. Do not buy it. We need to put these companies out of business. The tax dollars of our hardworking citizens are going toward giving each of these families $1,100 a month to live on. So you wonder why your Social Security benefits are not increasing - this is why. It is more important to take care of these illegal immigrants, these Syrian refugees, than it is the American people.

Clinton is no coal miner's daughter

I read on the front page of the Standard Democrat that Sikeston residents are going to have a seven percent increase in their electric bills and further increases in the years to come. Mr. Landers noted in there that it's not a healthy climate for the coal industry. Of course, it's not. Hillary Clinton has vowed to destroy the coal industry. That's gonna be more jobs that are lost in the city of Sikeston and in New Madrid due to Associated Electric. All these people will be out of work and our electric rates will soar. And this is all from Hillary Clinton killing the coal industry.