“Immanuel . . .God With Us”

Friday, December 1, 2017

In his gospel Matthew tells us in Chapter 1:23 that the Angel said "they shall call his name Immanuel which translated means, God with us." This is the miracle of miracles. This is the wonder of wonders. This is the truth which should rivet the attention of all Christendom. Surely the angels of heaven looked down upon this earthly scene and marvel at the absence of human marvel at the glorious truth that the infinite one clothed himself with humanity.

Today the nations of the world long for deliverance from international strife and the threat of global chaos. This deliverance can only be found in Christ. Today in our world there are millions everywhere who long for release from the bondage of sin, the horror of terrorism, the hatred of men, and the sorrow of disease and death. The answer is Jesus!

The smartest minds among us are straining to find answers to the problems that plague us as a people on a planet that is whirling through space with no apparent destination in sight. The Lord Jesus Christ, Immanuel, he is the “Door of Hope” to the so badly needed peace in our time. All smaller questions and secondary disagreements should be given a rest, for the sake of sincere meditation upon this grand truth, “His name is Immanuel which translated means, God with us.”

This time of year we focus upon the incarnation in a greater way than any other time of the year. Jesus has come. He lived and he died a sacrificial death for all. He is still with us through his Holy Spirit whom he sent when he ascended back to the Father in heaven. He has promised to never leave us or forsake us. Make him the focus of everyday, of every celebration, and every family gathering this season. Remember that God loves you and so does First Baptist Church.

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