Speakout 2/17

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Seek help sister

What can we do about bullying? I am bullied at my age by my brother to the point Iím almost ready to throw him away if he donít stop. Heís all wrecked out and weirded out. He has beat my truck to death just because he has nothing to beat up on. Why canít he beat up on or pick on somebody besides me? I know itís so crazy and itís driving me crazy. You canít sleep, you canít eat. Itís horrible when you get to the point to where you want to see your own brother just go away back to prison where he belongs. Itís like he wants to be there. I donít have a lot of self control at this point. So, wish me luck. And little brother, you know who you are. The Sikeston Department of Public Safety is here to help.

Protect yourself and your brother by calling (573) 471-6200 or reach out to law enforcement officials in your area.

Getting it off my chest

I know today is going to be full of political news, but I feel like this needs to be said. If you can cheat on your partner, walk in and look them straight in the eye and tell them that you love them, you are the lowest individual who has ever lived. Bully needs to go I canít say the name of the apartment where I live, but Iím elderly and Iím in my 70s. Where I live thereís a big, fat 400-500 pound bully. Sheís a sick old woman, but sheís still a big bully and sheís got a dirty, vulgar mouth. She bullies everybody in the place that lets her do it. Iíve got to where I have to stand up to her. Itís causing me to have health problems. I donít know what to do. She just steadily keeps on me. I got news for her, if she gets ahold of this message Iím putting on here, Iím not going to put up with it and Iím going to call the police on her next time. She goes off on me and cusses me in front of everybody in the room. Iím getting tired of it. Iím getting tired of her bullying people. Iím about ready to put out a white piece of paper for people to sign to get rid of her. Sheís terrible.

Leave President alone

Leave our President alone. Next to President Reagan, heís the best thing thatís ever happened to this country. Itís nothing but the spirit of the anti-Christ thatís working against this man. I promise you; Hillary Clinton and snake Obama is behind this mess and one more thing: if you donít like our laws and rules, move to another country. I pray for our President, Vice President and Israel everything I pray. Thank you. God bless.

News cut short

This is Jan. 31 on a Wednesday and I just finished reading an article on Page 3A in the Standard Democrat. It was titled, ďToddler, parents killed in SE Missouri homicideĒ by Michelle Friedrich, SEMO News Service. This article read just fine and then it just ended abruptly with no ending. It was not a finished article. I just thought I would let you know.