Kindness is the answer

Friday, March 2, 2018

The Operation Hope team at Sikeston Career and Technology Center held an activity to show students they are valued. "In our world today we find that kids are not seeing their ability and self worth. Things like suicide and hate is at an all-time high and we wanted to help spread joy and make people smile," said Gloria Houston, health occupations instructor/Operation Hope adviser. On Valentine's Day the students played valentine bingo. and to play the game each child was given a bingo card full of good deeds, compliments to others to share, self worth statements they had to make about themselves and other uplifting messages. The students had to make pledges to play with someone they never had before at recess, open the door for someone who looked sad, smile at random people throughout the day and do things like give a high-five or a compliment to others just to make them smile. At the end of the activity, the students had a visit to the photo booth with their mentor for a keepsake photo of the day. "Kindness and love is the answer, and these kids are promising to be the change the world needs," Houston said.