Charleston High School JROTC Awards Ceremony

Saturday, April 8, 2017

On March 30, Charleston High School's JROTC conducted its annual awards banquet. Cadets were presented JROTC awards they earned this school year. Army JROTC awards cover several different areas including academics, attendance, behavior, sports (JROTC and school), physical fitness, community service, service learning and JROTC Teams. Many of the upper class cadets received their third and fourth award in several areas. The battalion staff had the responsibility to plan and execute the banquet. Some key academic recipients were: Jaiyana King, Sam Naile, Ke'Sean Griffin, Markisjah Williams, Dakota McCurter and Byrce Robertson. These cadets not only excel in JROTC academics but also in their class year group. Ke'Sean Griffin is the only returning staff member next year. As next year's battalion commander Griffin will have the responsibility to train the incoming staff.