Southeast announces History Day Region 9 contest winners

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - Southeast Missouri State University has announced the winners in the National History Day in Missouri Region 9 contest held March 10 at Southeast.

The theme for History Day 2017 was "Taking a Stand in History" and students competed in junior high and senior high divisions, which each included five categories: performance, website, documentaries, paper presentations and exhibit.

Students from across southeast Missouri competed for the chance to advance to the state National History Day competition at the University of Missouri-Columbia April 29. Friday's contest was held in the University Center and Carnahan Hall on the Southeast campus. The State Historical Society of Missouri in partnership with the Missouri Humanities Council, administers National History Day in Missouri.

Local NNHDMO Awards Ceremony results are:

Junior Paper

3rd Place, Jarret Smith: Farmer to Activist: Taking a Stand in History with the Great Missouri Bean Raid, Gideon School District; 2nd Place, Alesia Eaton: Bob Moses: The Quiet Architect of Mississippi's Freedom Summer, Richland Junior High; 1st Place, Drew Wren: Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Taking a Stand Against Adolf Hitler, Richland Junior High.

Junior Individual Exhibit

2nd Place, Landon Zoll: Leo Drey, Bernie RXIII; 1st Place, Kaylee Ellsworth: The Missouri Sharecropper Strike of 1939: Taking a Stand on Highway 60, Bloomfield R14 School District.

Junior Group Exhibit

3rd place, Ashton Bell and Elisa Sala: Emmeline Pankhurst: Stands For Suffrage, Bloomfield R14 School District; 2nd Place, Olivia Chafin and Allie Armer: 10 Days in a Madhouse: Undercover Journalist Nellie Bly, Richland Junior High.

Junior Individual


3rd Place, Chloe Holman: All Fire and Brimstone: Mary Lou Hollowell Stands Up To the Night Riders, Richland Junior High; 2nd Place, Hannah Ward: Taking a Stand for Integration in American Schools: One Child at a Time, Gideon School District; 1st Place, Sarah Ellenburg: Bringing the Change: Eleanor Roosevelt, Bernie R13.

Junior Group


Dawson Huckabee and Zach Swift: The Forgotten Hero: Kenny Washington Takes a Stand for Major League Acceptance of Minority Players, Gideon School District; Grant Breece, Faith Raymone and Hope Raymond: Hans and Sophie Scholl: Taking a Stand With Words, Not Violence, Gideon School District; 1st Place, Kinlee Lawrence, Haley Moore, Morgan Earnheart and Kaitlyn Clennet: Taking a Stand by Taking a Stand: The Radium Girls Impact Glows On, Gideon School District.

Junior Individual


3rd Place, Belle Jones: All Or Nothing At All: Frank Sinatra and Desegregation, Richland Junior High; 1st Place: Elizabeth Arnold: We Intend To Fight: Frank Keeney's Stand For West Virginia Miners, Richland Junior High.

Junior Group


2nd Place, Gabe Massey and Blake Tyra: Out Yonder On the Road: The Sharecroppers Strike of 1939, Richland Junior High; 1st Place, Awie Jones and Samantha Booker: Teacher: Paul Arnold You Don't Run From Your Problems, You Just Face Them, Richland Junior High.

Junior Individual Web Site

2nd Place, Katelyn Black: Educate Don't Segregate: Barbara Johns and the Student Led Stand That Sparked School Desegregation, Richland Junior High.

Senior Paper

3rd Place, Makayla Turner: F.D.R: Taking a Stand against Poverty Bernie High School; 2nd Place, Sara Tackett: Taking a Stand Over the Iron Feet of Oppression: Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Richland High School; 1st Place, Taylor Matney: Queen Elizabeth I: Standing Against Marriage, Bernie High School.

Senior Individual Exhibit

3rd Place, Clayton Harriel: A Crusade of Commotion: Jackson's Stand Against the Bank, Richland High School; 2nd Place, Tanner Stanfield: Taking a Stand for Survival: MO Sharecropper's Strike of 1939, Gideon School District; 1st Place, Alaric Davis, Irena Sendler: Taking a Stand for Lives in a Jar, Gideon School District.

Senior Group Exhibit

3rd Place, Hannah Deprow and Saidra Marlow-Anderson: Taking a Seat to Take a Stand, Gideon School District ; 1st Place, Katelyn Pinkley and Aleena Robbins: Rosa Parks: Sitting Down to Take a Stand, Richland High School.

Senior Individual


2nd Place, Anna Tank: "The Unsinkable Molly Brown," Richland High School; 1st Place, Megan Cullum: "The Book That Started This Great War," Richland High School/

Senior Individual


2nd Place, Emily Vickers: Close Encounters, Bernie High School; 1st Place, Luke Rhodes: "Enormous Wealth at the Disposal of Weak Governments: The Carter Doctrine and America's Stand in the Middle East, Richland High School.

Senior Group


2nd Place, J.T. Pinkley and Andrew Partenberry: Fighting on the Brink: Last Stand of the Pusan Perimeter, Richland High School; 1st Place, Weston Zoll and Josh Ellenburg: Missouri Department of Conservation: Taking a Stand for Missouri's Natural Resources, Bernie High School.

Senior Individual Web Site

3rd PLace, Bailey Glass: Blood On Bluegrass: The Stand Against Night Rider Terror in Kentucky, Richland High School; 2nd Place, Shawn Knox: Inside Man For An Outside Cause: How Lewis Hines Used The Lens To, Richland High School; 1st Place, Emma Dawson: Standing Up for Better Business, Bernie High School.

Senior Group Web Site

3rd Place, Nick Zaure and Josh Kidd: The Game With No Losers: Loyola vs. MSU, 1963, Richland High School; 1st Place, Paig Pinkley, Claryssa Martin and Destany Eberley: Women Bounce Back, Richland High School.