SCTC welding students honored for skills at state competition

Thursday, May 4, 2017

SIKESTON - The Sikeston Career and Technology Center Welding Technology Program recently competed at the Skills USA State contest at Linn State Technical College.

They represented SCTC in four areas: Welding Written Technical, Technical Math, Individual Welding and Welding Fabrication.

"For the Welding Technology students this is a huge contest that we really look forward to," said Brent Trankler, instructor. "The students have to really hit it hard and put the work in just for a shot at state. Each student had to first win at the respected district contest. Just to have a student compete at the state level is an honor."

SCTC Welding Technology competed against six area career centers at the District contest, with the top two or three (depending on contest) advancing to state. At the state contest they must compete against the winners from nine other Missouri districts.

SCTC Welding Technology students were able to bring home the following ranks for the Missouri Skills USA State contest:

Edward McClain, placed 17 in Individual Welding among approximately 200 district and state competitors; Landon Hawkins, Caden Bailey, Clayton Cooper, second placed in Welding Fabrication in competition with approximately 150 teams; Lucas Boner, who placed 11th in Technical Math against approximately 75 competitors. Competing against approxiamtely 700 in Welding Technical Written, Arturo Franco placed first, Clayton Cooper, ninth place and Spencer Davied, 12th place.

"Welding Technology is a very competitive and skilled trade. The students have to really commit themselves to the practice time to master the craft. These students have all shown they have what it takes to be successful in this career field and I couldn't be more proud of them all," Trankler said.