Saturday, April 14, 2018

How can you fall for fake news?

Yes, Mike Jensen. When I read your article when you were talking about fake news, I really can’t believe as an educated man as you are would fall for things like this. It just proves that there is ignorant Republicans. I guess you could say it was fake news on Bill Clinton too. But there is not all fake news. Matter of fact, KFVS, NBC, CBS, CNN all says that Trump was president. I guess that was fake news too.

Enjoyed Lee Hunter musical

I attended a second grade musical this week at Lee Hunter School. It was excellent. The music teacher did a fabulous job and all the students were amazingly good. The title of it was “From the Inside Out: A Positive Behavior Program.” They had songs with each of these titles “From the Inside Out.” “I Promise,” “Responsible,” “My Personal Code,” “And It Starts With Me.” And at the end of it it says “This is Me.” The songs describe all of these headings and they put a lot of work into these and I’m sure glad I went. Not only were the students very good, you could tell they really practiced a lot, but the teacher did an excellent job. I’m glad I went.

It is b-u-l-l-y-i-n-g

I was reading your Speakout column and it says “Interesting Comment” on the comment on reference to the comment “Bored with the NRA Guff.” It is just amazing how you refuse to print the word bullying, b-u-l-l-y-i-n-g. You just refuse to go ahead and print that as it was spoken because you don’t want them to be referenced as trying to bully people against guns. You are just truly amazing.

Awe, thank you caller. Please remember to speak clearly when calling in your Speakout comment and that any comment containing foul language will be deleted.

Miss April turning heads

Just a thought about Sunday’s paper. It had the picture of Miss April in it. If she finished third in the Miss Sikeston contest, either there were some extremely beautiful girls in the contest or it was severely rigged.