Blunt's election will maintain the balance of power in Capitol

Saturday, October 29, 2016

The political landscape in Missouri remains up in the air with just a week to go before the all-important presidential election.

I honestly try not to watch too many polls because I find many to be highly suspect and I am convinced some polls are designed purely to move voters instead of accurately gauging voter sentiments.

That being said, the most current reading in Missouri gives Donald Trump a comfortable - though not overwhelming - lead in our state. I see no reason that trend will not continue and Missouri will cast its electoral votes for Trump.

But I am somewhat surprised that incumbent Sen. Roy Blunt is in a much tighter race with his Democratic opponent Jason Kander.

Blunt has served the state of Missouri admirably and his seniority in the Senate is a definite plus for our state.

I have had disagreements with the senator in the past and took him to task when he helped fund a GOP candidate against one of his conservative fellow senators.

But that aside, Blunt deserves our vote.

There is another factor and perhaps equally as important why we should send Roy Blunt back to Washington.

Should Hillary Clinton win on Nov. 8, it is critical on so many levels that the House and Senate remain in Republican control.

Without that all-important check and balance, a Clinton presidency could push through a liberal agenda that would wreck our economy and threaten our sovereignty.

Like millions of Americans, I don't trust Clinton. And there's ample reasons for that distrust.

If Clinton wins, an enormous responsibility will fall on the Legislature to counter her progressive agenda which includes open borders and runaway spending.

It appears that the Senate makeup is in doubt with just a short time remaining in this election process. A switch of just four Senate seats would potentially return Harry Reid to a position of power.

Few things in the political arena are as frightening as a Reid-controlled Senate and a Clinton White House.

Democrats on the national level have targeted Missouri as a potential loss for the GOP in the Senate. They know the critical importance of this seat. Perhaps they even know better than Missourians on how important this Senate election may well be.

Let's return Roy Blunt to the Senate and urge him to fight for the interests of our state with a passion and drive that will make a difference.

Blunt could very well be a voice of restraint on spending and a key vote to protect this great nation.

Kander is a fine candidate and a good man. But this election is critical far beyond our small state and only Blunt and the GOP can hold the line against the massive swing to the left promised by a Clinton presidency.

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