Extremists on the left pose real problems

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I had honestly and perhaps naively thought our national focus would be on the upcoming holidays with the election now in our rearview mirror.

But the mainstream media remain obsessed with protests, recounts and rumored turmoil in the transition of administrations.

Clearly not yet able to grasp the election outcome, the media giants continue to blame the Russians or election tampering or the newly-crowned alt-right for the shellacking that Hillary Clinton absorbed.

The rarely-right mainstream bobbleheads have found a new label for the boogymen who stole the election from the Democrats.

The alt-right are the fringe elements of the conservative movement in this country. They are most certainly not embraced by the GOP but you'd think they were one and the same according to the talking heads.

These mysterious alt-righters are the latest attempt by the progressives to tie radicals to the GOP despite repeated rejections of their views.

But facts have little regard to progressives.

Soon-to-be-former President Barack Obama - what a pleasure it is to write those words - can invite the Black Lives Matter anarchists to the White House with no condemnation - just crickets from the left.

But as the left does every election cycle, let's bring back the irrelevant and long-forgotten David Duke in yet another feeble attempt to join the KKK and the Republicans.

Hint to the left - we've seen this movie and we know how it ends.

The left remains in full denial on just exactly what happened on Nov. 8.

Maybe Hillary was right. Perhaps some people are unredeemable.

But they reside on the left and in the media and in the universities.

And to this very day they remain clueless on why their utopian dreams were so soundly rejected.

The little-noticed Huffington Post - the comfort food of the left - once proudly relegated all news on Donald Trump to their comedy section.

To say that arrogant decision backfired is an understatement.

The left was led down this failed path by Pelosi, Reid, Warren and others.

And yet the left still follows the footsteps of the elements within their party who failed them on every issue large and small.

The nation is tiring of union-organized protests and disruptions that continue to divide Americans into small select interest groups of perceived victims.

While conservatives reject the misguided alt-right, the progressives embrace the alt-left.

And that crystal clear difference was brought into focus during the elections.

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