Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hang up those cell phones

I can not believe how stupid people are with cell phones. A lot of places, it plainly says: Do Not Bring Your Cell Phone. Turn them Off. People are too dumb to turn them off and you get in there and texting and stuff. It isn't just the kids, it is dumb old people, too. They should know better and they should get on to their kids instead of doing it themselves. I don't know what they would do if they didn't have their cell phones. They are too stupid I guess to talk to each other any more, they have to be texting and Facebooking and stuff. It is just ridiculous. Sometimes I think they could just fall off the face of the earth. They don't have any sense of how to use it, they just got to text or they just got to call. It is against the law to get out on the road more than once they text these idiots and do something to them.

Money isn't the answer

If spending money was the answer to better school and better education and better community, then Chicago, Ill., and North St. Louis, Missouri, would be the best communities and the best education in the United States. Spending money unwisely is not the answer.

A tree by any other name

On the front page of Friday, March 10, edition there was picture of trees in full bloom lining Davis Boulevard in Sikeston. These trees were identified as dogwood trees and stated that they normally bloom in April but bloomed early this year due to unseasonably warm temperatures. I would like to congratulate the horticulturalist who identified the trees as dogwoods. They must have been the same person who told Grant Dade there were cornstalks to be sucked up into a tornado this time year. Those are not dogwoods.

Jail Donald Trump

The only bad name I'm going to use is Donald Trump's name. That is bad enough. He is trying pin something on the outgoing President Obama that probably isn't so. If Obama had done that he would have gone to jail. Trump should go to jail for accusing Obama of something he didn't do. I would like to see Donald Trump out of the White House before he ruins the whole United States. He is a moron and should be treated as one.

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