Chairmans comments only divide Americans

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Newly-elected Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez went on a profanity-filled rant this weekend claiming - among other things - that "Donald Trump did not win the election and Republicans don't give a s**t about people."

Keep in mind, this is no obscure city councilman from Davenport. This is the chief spokesman for today's Democratic Party. And as such, the Democrats own him.

I understand party chairs are the epitome of partisanship. Heck, that's their job.

And from time to time, party chairs launch into exuberant hyperbole-laced rants to shine an unfavorable light on the opposition.

But is there no limit to the bile that erupts from the mouth of this partisan hack?

The GOP chair responded by saying quite accurately that the comments were dangerous and "undermine our democratic process."

Republicans were quick to label his comments as an insult to those who don't share his liberal vision for America. And they pointed out that Democrats have lost majorities in the House and Senate - and now the White House - because of this type of misguided rhetoric.

I would have been much more direct and much less kind to the new Democratic chair.

If Mr. Perez indeed does represent the true sentiments of today's Democratic Party, then our problems go much deeper than "fake news" and partisan gridlock.

So he believes that Republicans don't give a s**t about people?

Republicans are teachers and ministers and military officers and much more. Republicans are charitable with their time and money while Democrats are charitable with someone else's money.

Republicans care enough about people to fight for their individual rights and freedoms.

Democrats care enough about people to demand the government dictate their actions, thoughts and associations.

"Caring" for Democrats is demanding that 95 percent of the public accept the wants and wishes of the remaining 5 percent.

To opine - as the new Democratic chair did - that Donald Trump is not president is exactly why Trump was elected.

Do the Dems still not understand that voters didn't just reject Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama?

Voters rejected the big government, authoritative, diversity-at-any-cost policies which have nearly destroyed both the fabric and stability of America.

As a proud Republican, I care about people. Tom Perez however is not high on that list.

Here's a page out of the playbook on how to destroy a country.

Question election results.

Question all the motives of others.

Sow the seeds of distrust and dissension.

And that was both the tone and purpose of Perez's vile comments.

Fair-minded Democrats should loudly condemn their chairman's comments and tell the former consumer advocate and civil rights attorney to take a hike.

But they won't. And they won't because this is the new normal for the ever-shrinking Democratic Party.

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