As Trumps policies succeed, left will fail

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Rachel Maddow, the darling of the left, opened my eyes last week with her spot-on analysis of the riots in Venezuela.

Despite the fact that Venezuela has experienced social and economic unrest for years, Maddow blames President Trump for the upheaval now underway there.

To be fair, Maddow's television network later offered a half-hearted correction to her bizarre rambling. But the seeds of doubt and conspiracy were planted. Her job was done.

Short on facts and substance, the left has clearly adopted the mantra that Trump is the root cause of any and all actions the left deems unacceptable.

The game plan is crystal clear. Blame, blame, blame and diminish this new administration. And then for good measure, throw in the word impeachment.

If memory serves me correctly, the Democrats for years heaped the blame for any unpleasant news on George W. Bush. Any downturn during the early Obama years was Bush's fault to the point that "Bush's fault" became a comic's punchline.

The Dems rode the Bush's fault horse for four years. Of course, that eventually lost steam.

With the partisan drone of impeachment and the constant obstruction, the left has decided that polarization is their only shot at slowing the return of conservative values and policies.

Maddow and her ilk care little for facts. Their utter lack of acceptance over the presidential election outcome continues to drive them off the cliff of delusion.

By adopting this approach, the Dems are slowly painting themselves into a corner.

When Trump's policies bear fruit for the American public - lower taxes, lower health care costs, more and better jobs - the Democrats and their media comrades will continue to push a narrative that will ring hollow with most Americans.

The left needs to learn that the loudest voices don't always win arguments.

For those keeping score, remember the following.

Deportations are up, illegal immigration is down, business is investing in American workers again, billions of dollars have been saved through deregulations, two job-producing pipeline projects have been approved, tax cuts and health care overhaul are on the horizon and we have a new Supreme Court justice.

Despite the fact that America has regained a spine, the left's narrative fails to match reality.

This toxic storyline from the left ignores progress at the expense of a coordinated effort to malign and denigrate accomplishments that should be celebrated.

Michael Jensen

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