Saturday, May 6, 2017

Verify those numbers

Once again I have received a call from debt collectors for a woman who has given my phone number to two medical facilities and a supplier of contact lenses. Please, please, please when someone gives you a phone number verify it by having their cell phone ring while they are in your facility. This woman is on Facebook. She has ap- parently moved from Sikeston to Cape Girardeau to St. Louis. She, evidently, not in hiding. Once again probably can't give her name but a small creek is a brook and this is a real pain.

Tired of the trash

I live on Pendelton Drive and our neighbors are very dirty. There is trash laying around. It blows over into our yards. They will not pick it up. We are tired of picking up their trash and them being filthy.

Everyone needs Cory

I have an opinion on the Mississippi County sheriff. Cory Hutcheson is one of the best ones we have ever had. He faces federal charges on things that were drummed up against him because he has made several drug arrests so that means he has stepped on some toes. And if he steps on some heads a drug dealer off the street, more power to him. This man is who we need in every county in Mis- souri to get rid of the druggies. If you think more of a druggie than a man who is doing his job as Hutcheson has done, then bend over and kiss your rear end good-bye because he has done a good job. He may have arrested a woman and she has caused all of this trouble but she slapped him. You don't slap a sheriff or anybody else to get by with something. So lay off of our sheriff. We need him. Everybody needs a sheriff like him. He is the best we ever had in this county.

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