Motherhood is tough but important job

Saturday, May 13, 2017

For far too many years, I have written on Mother's Day about the importance, courage and strength of those who are proud to bear the name of mother.

There's a well-worn saying that the most important job in society is that of a mother. And without reservation, it is true.

I have been blessed to live long enough to witness the changing role of mothers in our society. There was once a time not too many years ago that the role of motherhood was to stay at home, take care of the house and kids and do the thousands of essential tasks needed to make a home a home.

But today, women in the workforce don't just play an important role in society. Increasingly, they are leading the way for progress and improvement in all aspects of our lives.

And still, they are expected to maintain the traditional role - if that even still exists.

But there is another side of motherhood about which earlier generations did not dwell.

All too often in our changing world, households are headed by a single female playing the role of both mother and father.

In some areas, single parent households top 75 percent of the population. That tragic and dismal statistic explains a host of issues with current day society.

It is not impossible to be both a mother and father. There are millions of examples of single moms who are champions of their children and their homes.

But to say that role is a difficult task is to undervalue the sacrifices and challenges these brave women face each and every day.

I would strongly suspect that no job is more difficult.

Pause for just a moment this weekend to recognize the significance and courage of those women blessed with the title of mother.

The hundreds of small sacrifices made each day are often overlooked. And yet they should not be overlooked. They should be celebrated and recognized and praised in abundance.

In the narrative of social concerns is the growing lack of a strong male role model in far too many households. Yet despite this obvious obstacle, the moms of the world continue to do the very best they can to provide the love and devotion and upbringing that will prepare the next generation.

It's sad that we celebrate motherhood on just one day. The truth is we should all celebrate the blessings of a strong mother who faces the world each day with strength and resolve.

Happy Mother's Day.

Michael Jensen

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