Clinton fails to face the truth about loss

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

With little better to do, I managed to force myself to watch Hillary's Excuse Tour '17 this past week.

My gosh, you need a scorecard to track the phony excuses this woman is trying to peddle to the American public.

Completely and totally void of accepting any personal responsibility, the former First Lady is trying desperately to become the poster child of victimhood. But as is often the case with one-trick-ponies, her growing collection of excuses is wearing thin.

I was particularly amused when the former Arkansas First Lady labeled the story of her e-mail shenanigans, a "nothing burger." Who says that?

The real problem with Hillary's delusion is that many of her loyal supporters actually believe at least one of the dozens of excuses offered by the former senator.

Al Gore, never a gracious loser, at least faded into the shadows and quit blaming the Supreme Court for his loss.

Hillary, perhaps prodded by her husband, has no desire to leave the stage.

Her generous income and equally generous ego wants and needs the spotlight.

But her list of excuses seems to grow with every media appearance. And that ongoing whining is not setting well within the ranks of the Democratic establishment.

More than one former aide - all off the record of course - has voiced concerns that Hillary's version of the election autopsy is hurting the Democratic Party.

"If she is trying to come across as the leader of the angry movement of what happened in 2016, then she's achieving it. But part of the problem she had was she didn't have a vision for the Democratic Party. And she now needs to take a break and let others come to the forefront," according to one former aide.

It seems abundantly clear that the former secretary of state is trying to rewrite history and put the blame for her election loss on anyone and anything other than herself. Perhaps this is simply the groundwork for a 2020 run or perhaps this is just the result of someone who is use to having her own way.

Regardless of her reasoning, it's just sad to watch power slip away before your very eyes. And if she continues to expand on her growing list of excuses, her legacy will slip away as well.

But given the loss of revenue from the once-prominent Clinton Foundation, perhaps her constant media exposure and web of mystery surrounding her loss has more to do with the book she has written for a release this fall.

Hillary knows that the public will come closer to believing a big lie over a small one. She has adopted the motto that the American people will believe her because, "no one would distort the truth so infamously."

That motto comes from a book written long ago. You may have heard of the author.

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