California's travel ban is another bully tactic

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Earlier this year, the People's Republic of California imposed a state employee travel ban to four states - Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee - who had passed laws the Californians thought were discriminatory toward the LGBT community.

Last week, California added Alabama, Kentucky, South Dakota and Texas to their naughty list of banned travel destinations.

The California liberals hope to use their economic might to bully other states into accepting California's social and cultural views.

But why stop there?

If the Left Coast liberals are so passionate about their moral high ground, why not ban travel to states that still maintain Confederate statues?

Why not prohibit travel to states that have not embraced the climate change agenda favored by Californians?

And by no means, approve travel to Washington, D. C., home of the dastardly Redskins!

Not to mention, what about the states who lack abundant sanctuary cities?

As usual, California is heading down a rabbit hole that has no end.

Given the dismal state of finances in California, common sense would dictate a welcoming and friendly economic environment with other states.

But rarely are the words common sense and California used in the same sentence.

California's problem with their symbolic indignation is obvious: When you impose interstate boycotts based on social issues, there is no end in sight.

By using their economic muscle to run roughshod over other states, California hopes to impose their social views on others through intimidation.

Our friends in Tennessee have the perfect response to California's righteous indignation.

In a resolution approved and signed by the Tennessee governor, our neighbors in Tennessee said that California's attempt to influence public policy "is akin to Tennessee expressing its disapproval of California's exorbitant taxes, spiraling budget deficits, runaway social welfare programs and rampant illegal immigration."

The Tennessee legislators said the ban would lead to "economic warfare among states" and is neither "persuasive nor productive".

But California will be California.

If the leftists who control California are honestly convinced their bully tactics will be successful, then by all means take that warped mentality one step further.

California should immediately ban travel to any states who voted for Donald Trump last November.

After all, it's Trump who has ignited this liberal firestorm and pushed them clearly off the cliff of sanity.

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