Chicago's woes should be left to law enforcers

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Through 40 years of writing this newspaper column, I have on several occasions used the Rev. Al Sharpton as a sterling example of all that is wrong with many of our public figures.

I will admit that Sharpton is an easy target on so many different levels. He's clearly a charlatan and race-baiter. He's also a tax cheat.

And sadly, he still has a large following, though much smaller than in his heyday.

Well the Reverend came to mind this week with yet another reason he's so easy to dislike.

Because of an explosion of violent crime in Chicago, the Trump administration has been sending federal law enforcement officials into the city to help stem the murders.

In a normal world, this additional help from the feds would be welcomed with open arms.

But not in Sharpton's world.

The good Reverend this week voiced concerns over the federal intervention into the city he calls home.

During a Thursday news conference, the Rev. Sharpton said everyone wants to stop the violence in Chicago "but you've got to have the will and the determination to do it on all sides and be fair and just."

Now if you can make sense of Sharpton's thought process, more power to you.

I assume that "on all sides" means Sharpton wants law enforcement to concentrate on all areas of the city not just the predominately minority areas where the crime occurs.

And by "fair and just," the Reverend means not to stereotype just those high crime areas but also the wealthy suburbs where crime is rare.

So Sharpton really wants the feds to go back home and leave the crime fighting to city officials. The problem is obvious: city officials have yet to exert any actions that have decreased crime.

Chicago residents should tell Al to stick to his "preachin'" and leave law enforcement to those who know what the heck they are doing.

The truth is Chicago is out of control. The gangs and drug dealers run a large section of the city and local efforts have been pitiful at best.

Sharpton and other so-called leaders want no changes in the Windy City. They fear that federal intervention will diminish their power base and thus, their income base.

In reality, Chicago officials lack the "will and determination" to address the crime and those same officials want their own definition of "fair and just."

If the feds are sincerely interested in addressing crime, perhaps they could start by indicting Sharpton for tax evasion and fraud.

But Sharpton most certainly would not think that either fair or just.

Not in his world.

The time it took Sharpton to organize and conduct his news conference, another victim is found dead on the streets of south Chicago.

Just another day in the life of the Rev. Al Sharpton.

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